"Build Your Dream Getaway: Scenic Cabin Lots with Water, Power, Sewer & Paved Access – A True Haven"

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🌲 Discover an enchanting world of natural beauty and modern convenience at our exclusive Log Cabin Lot, nestled in the magnificent Ozark region of Arkansas, just a stone's throw away from the Southern Missouri border. 🌲

Welcome to your perfect second home - a place where the splendor of nature and modern luxuries unite to create an idyllic sanctuary. Surrounded by the pristine Ozark wilderness, our picturesque lot offers you a tranquil retreat where you can relax, rejuvenate, and reconnect with nature.

πŸ”Œ Our Log Cabin Lot is fully-equipped with top-notch utilities, ensuring a seamless blend of comfort and convenience for your second home. πŸ”Œ

πŸ”Ή Crystal-clear water supply to cater to your everyday needs, from cooking and cleaning to bathing and hydration.

πŸ”Ή Dependable power supply for a well-lit, comfortable living experience with all the amenities you cherish.

πŸ”Ή State-of-the-art sewer system for a clean and healthy environment to protect you and your loved ones.

πŸ”Ή Smooth, paved road access for effortless travel and adventure as you explore the wonders of the Ozarks.

Why is our Log Cabin Lot your ultimate second home destination?

πŸŒ„ Breathtaking natural beauty with picturesque landscapes, rolling hills, and lush forests – a nature lover's paradise.

🌳 Exclusive customizable log cabins tailored to suit your unique style and preferences, providing a cozy and inviting abode.

πŸš£β€β™‚οΈ Proximity to exciting outdoor activities such as fishing, boating, hiking, and more – perfect for thrill-seekers and adventurers.

🀝 A welcoming community of fellow second home owners who share your passion for the great outdoors and the Ozark way of life.

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Assessor’s Parcel Number: 800-09711-000

Size : 0.20 acres

Property Address: 1303 Hawk Dr, Horseshoe Bend, AR 72512, USA

GPS Coordinates( Approximate): 36.247271, -91.777452( Centre coordinates)

36.2463, -91.7694 36.2461, -91.7694 36.2461, -91.7689 36.246, -91.7689

GPS Coordinates (approx.): Please note that the GPS coordinates are approximate. They come from public assessor GIS data and are fairly accurate, but to find the exact boundaries of the property, it is best to hire a local surveyor.

Nearby Cities:Β 

1. Ash Flat, AR - Approximately 12 miles southwest of Horseshoe Bend (20 minutes driving)

2. Salem, AR - Approximately 22 miles east of Horseshoe Bend (30 minutes driving)

3. Mountain Home, AR - Approximately 37 miles northwest of Horseshoe Bend (1 hour driving)

4. Batesville, AR - Approximately 41 miles south of Horseshoe Bend (1 hour driving)

5. West Plains, MO - Approximately 49 miles northeast of Horseshoe Bend (1 hour 15 minutes driving)

6. Jonesboro, AR - Approximately 79 miles southeast of Horseshoe Bend (1 hour 45 minutes driving)

Power: In the area – North Arkansas Electric Co-op (870)-670-4361

Water: There is water in the area, Just connect to it.(870)-670-5885

Sewer: Sewer is available in the area, all you need is to connect to it. (Water/Sanitation (870)-670-5433)

Zoning and Planning: (870)-670-5433

Roads Access: Paved

Terrain: Flat

Annual Tax: $19.48

MRID: $107.25( Annually)

MSID: $34.24 (Annually)

Time to Build: No Limit (There is NO time limit to build on the property. So you can build if you want to or you can just hold this lot as an investment with no maintenance requirements)

HOA/POA Fees: None

Title Conveyance: Special Warranty Deed.


Cash Sale: $1,000.Β 

Seller Finance: First Option: $1 in down payment and $100 for 25 months.

Second Option: $1 in down payment and $ 150 for 17 months.

Third Option: $1 in down payment and $ 125 for 20 months.

Doc Fee: $ 300



Recreational Activities

β˜… Aviation

β˜… Beach

β˜… Boating

β˜… Camping

β˜… Canoeing/Kayaking

β˜… Conservation

β˜… Fishing

β˜… Horseback Riding

β˜… Hunting

β˜… Off-roading

β˜… Common Features

β˜… Boat Ramp

β˜… Campground

β˜… Golf

β˜… Jogging Path/Bike Path

β˜… Landing Strip

β˜… Laundry

β˜… Marina

β˜… Park

β˜… Playground

β˜… RV Parking

β˜… Spa

β˜… Tennis

β˜… Fish

β˜… Bass

β˜… Catfish

β˜… Game

β˜… Bear

β˜… Dove

β˜… Ducks

β˜… Elk

β˜… Geese

β˜… Hog

β˜… Quail

β˜… Turkey

β˜… Whitetail Deer


Phone: 6086182680.

Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β 6086182680( TEXT & VOICEMAIL)

Email: info@liahlands.com or customersupport@liahlands.comΒ 

This map indicates the driving directions to the property from the city of Horseshoe Bend. Copy the link below and paste it in your web browser or map on your phone, tablet or computer.Β 


Should you require additional information regarding this property, we invite you to submit an inquiry via the form provided below. Thank you.

Outlined below are the step-by-step instructions for purchasing one of our lots:

1. Select a property of your choice.

2. Visit the property to inspect it if you choose to.

3. Complete the Deed form with your information and pay a $210 documentation fee. This fee covers notarization of the deed, purchase of transfer stamp, deed recording, and USPS priority mail with a tracking number to the county clerk.

4. We will email you the necessary paperwork for your endorsement.

5. A draft of the deed will be sent to you via email for review and confirmation of accuracy.

6. Buyer will make monthly payment via invoice, automatic debit or payment link. If paying cash, payment will be made via wire transfer, Debit or credit card

7. The deed will be notarized by us.

8. The notarized deed will be mailed to the county clerk for recording.

9. The county clerk will record the deed in your name, making you the new legal and sole owner.

10. You will receive a recorded deed from the county clerk by mail.

Following an exhaustive due diligence investigation of this property, we encourage potential buyers to conduct their own thorough research. It is advisable to familiarize oneself with the property prior to finalizing the purchase. While the information provided is considered reliable, it is not guaranteed. We cannot be held accountable for the accuracy of the details provided. It is incumbent upon the buyer to verify all pertinent information with the relevant county authorities.

The property is being offered on an "as-is" basis, with no express or implied warranties regarding its location, condition, accessibility, terrain, or buildability. The advertised sizes are approximate and should not be taken as definitive. It is the buyer's responsibility to perform all necessary due diligence before placing a bid. By proceeding with a purchase, the buyer acknowledges that they have completed their due diligence and fully comprehends the legal obligations inherent in the transaction.