Discover the Heartland of Opportunity in Arkansas


Welcome to Arkansas, a land of boundless beauty and opportunity, where every sunrise promises a new adventure and every sunset paints the sky with serene hues. Imagine owning a piece of this paradise, where the harmony of nature, community, and modern living converge to offer you an unparalleled lifestyle.

Envision a life where rolling hills cradle verdant fields, where faith and community flourish hand in hand. Arkansas, the Natural State, invites you to immerse yourself in a lifestyle enriched by bountiful agriculture and serene landscapes. Imagine harvesting crops under golden sunsets, or transforming arid lands into lush, thriving desert developments. Picture weekends filled with equestrian adventures, fishing in tranquil lakes, or strolling through exquisite gardens. Indulge in the sophisticated charm of local wineries, where grazing cattle dot the horizon and the scent of ripe grapes fills the air.

Discover the Riches of Arkansas: A Paradise for Every Lifestyle

Cattle and Chicken Farming

Arkansas, a land of fertile soil and abundant resources, is a haven for cattle and chicken farming. Imagine owning a sprawling farm where your cattle graze on lush pastures, producing high-quality beef for market. The state's mild climate and rich agricultural heritage make it ideal for raising healthy, happy livestock. Chicken farming in Arkansas is equally prosperous, with the state being one of the top poultry producers in the nation. With access to advanced farming techniques and supportive local markets, your venture into poultry can flourish, providing a steady income and a fulfilling rural lifestyle.

Churches and Community Spirit

In Arkansas, community and faith go hand in hand. The state is home to a diverse array of churches that cater to all denominations, offering a sense of belonging and spiritual fulfillment. From charming country chapels to grand historic cathedrals, Arkansas' churches are not just places of worship but also centers of community life. They host events, support local charities, and bring people together, creating a strong, supportive network. Moving to Arkansas means becoming part of a community that values togetherness, tradition, and mutual support.

Clearcut Commercial Opportunities

Arkansas' clearcut commercial land offers a blank canvas for entrepreneurs and developers. Whether you're planning to build retail centers, office complexes, or industrial facilities, the state's clearcut land provides the perfect starting point. Strategically located near major highways and urban centers, these commercial plots offer excellent visibility and accessibility. The state's business-friendly policies and growing economy make it an attractive destination for new ventures. Invest in Arkansas' commercial real estate and be part of a dynamic and thriving business environment.

Conservation and Natural Beauty

Arkansas is renowned for its dedication to conservation and the preservation of its natural beauty. With numerous protected areas, state parks, and wildlife reserves, the state offers ample opportunities for those passionate about the environment. Imagine owning a piece of land that serves as a sanctuary for wildlife, a place where you can contribute to conservation efforts while enjoying the serenity of untouched nature. Arkansas' conservation lands are perfect for eco-tourism, educational programs, and simply enjoying the tranquility of the great outdoors.

Crop Farming and Agricultural Excellence

Arkansas' fertile land and favorable climate make it a prime location for crop farming. Whether you're interested in growing soybeans, rice, corn, or specialty crops like fruits and vegetables, the state's agricultural infrastructure supports a wide range of farming activities. Modern irrigation systems, access to high-quality seeds, and a network of agricultural experts ensure that your farming venture can thrive. Join the ranks of successful Arkansas farmers and take advantage of the state's rich soil and supportive farming community.

Desert Development and Innovation

While Arkansas is known for its greenery, there are areas perfect for innovative desert development. Transform arid lands into productive spaces with advanced irrigation and sustainable practices. Imagine creating a solar farm, a modern residential community, or a unique tourism attraction in these sun-drenched areas. Arkansas' desert development opportunities are endless for those with vision and creativity, offering a chance to innovate and create in harmony with the environment.

Entertainment and Cultural Richness

Arkansas boasts a vibrant entertainment scene, from live music and theater to festivals and cultural events. The state's cities are hubs of creativity, offering a rich tapestry of artistic expression. Invest in Arkansas' entertainment sector and be part of a lively and dynamic cultural landscape. Whether you're interested in opening a music venue, an art gallery, or a festival ground, Arkansas provides the perfect backdrop for cultural enrichment and entertainment entrepreneurship.

Equestrian Dreams and Horse Farms

For equestrian enthusiasts, Arkansas is a paradise. The state's rolling hills and open fields provide an ideal setting for horse farms and riding facilities. Whether you're looking to breed champion horses, offer riding lessons, or simply enjoy the company of these majestic animals, Arkansas offers the perfect environment. With numerous trails, equestrian events, and a supportive community, your equestrian dreams can come true in Arkansas.

Farming and Sustainable Agriculture

Arkansas is a leader in sustainable farming practices, offering opportunities for those passionate about environmentally-friendly agriculture. From organic farming to permaculture and beyond, the state supports innovative and sustainable farming methods. Own a farm in Arkansas and be part of a movement towards healthier, more sustainable food production. With access to resources, research, and a community of like-minded farmers, your sustainable farming venture can thrive.

Fishing and Water Adventures

Arkansas' abundant waterways make it a haven for fishing enthusiasts. With rivers, lakes, and streams teeming with fish, the state offers some of the best fishing opportunities in the country. Own a piece of land near one of Arkansas' many fishing spots and enjoy endless days of angling in pristine waters. The state's commitment to conservation ensures that these natural resources remain bountiful and accessible for generations to come.

Gardens and Green Living

Imagine cultivating your own garden oasis in Arkansas. The state's fertile soil and favorable climate make it perfect for gardening enthusiasts. Whether you're interested in growing vegetables, flowers, or creating a serene garden retreat, Arkansas provides the ideal conditions. Join community gardening projects, participate in local farmers' markets, and enjoy the satisfaction of growing your own produce in the Natural State.

Gas and Energy Opportunities

Arkansas offers significant opportunities in the energy sector, particularly in natural gas extraction. The state sits atop rich natural gas reserves, providing a lucrative avenue for investment. Secure a property in Arkansas and capitalize on the booming energy market. With advanced drilling technologies and a supportive regulatory environment, Arkansas is poised to be a leader in energy production. Invest in gas and contribute to the state's economic growth while reaping substantial financial rewards.

Golf Courses and Leisure

For golf enthusiasts, Arkansas is a hidden gem. The state boasts numerous golf courses set against stunning backdrops of rolling hills and lush greenery. Whether you're a seasoned golfer or a novice, Arkansas offers a range of courses to suit all skill levels. Imagine owning a property near one of these top-rated golf courses, enjoying easy access to your favorite pastime, and soaking in the tranquility of the Arkansas landscape. The state's golf communities also offer luxurious amenities, making it an ideal place to relax and enjoy life.

Grazing Land and Livestock

Arkansas' vast open spaces are perfect for grazing and raising livestock. The state's mild climate and fertile pastures provide ideal conditions for cattle, sheep, and other livestock. Secure a piece of grazing land in Arkansas and benefit from the state's strong agricultural support network. With ample space and natural resources, your livestock can thrive, providing a sustainable source of income and a fulfilling rural lifestyle.

Groves and Orchards

Arkansas is an excellent location for growing fruit trees and establishing orchards. The state's diverse climate allows for a variety of fruit production, from apples and peaches to pecans and berries. Imagine owning a grove in Arkansas, where you can harvest fresh, organic fruits and participate in local farmers' markets. The state's agricultural extension services provide support and resources to help your orchard flourish, ensuring a bountiful harvest year after year.

Harvesting and Agricultural Success

Arkansas' fertile soil and favorable growing conditions make it a prime location for harvesting a variety of crops. From rice and soybeans to corn and cotton, the state's agricultural industry is robust and thriving. Invest in Arkansas land and join a community of successful farmers. With modern farming techniques and access to agricultural experts, your crop production can reach new heights, contributing to the state's reputation as a leader in agriculture.

Historic Sites and Cultural Heritage

Arkansas is rich in history and cultural heritage, offering numerous historic sites and landmarks. Imagine owning a property near one of these significant locations, where you can immerse yourself in the state's storied past. From historic battlefields and museums to preserved homesteads and cultural festivals, Arkansas provides a deep connection to American history. Investing in land near these historic sites offers both personal enrichment and the potential for tourism-related income.

Hog Farming and Agricultural Ventures

Arkansas' strong agricultural tradition extends to hog farming, with the state being a significant producer of pork. The mild climate and ample feed resources make Arkansas an ideal location for hog farming. Secure a property in Arkansas and take advantage of the state's agricultural support services to build a successful hog farming operation. With a strong local market and export opportunities, hog farming in Arkansas can be a profitable and rewarding venture.

Homesites and Residential Development

Arkansas offers a wide range of opportunities for residential development. Whether you're looking to build a single-family home, a retirement community, or a new housing subdivision, the state's affordable land and supportive regulatory environment make it an attractive option. Invest in Arkansas homesites and create a thriving community in a state known for its natural beauty and friendly residents. With access to quality schools, healthcare, and recreational activities, Arkansas is an ideal place to call home.

Horse Properties and Equestrian Living

For those passionate about horses, Arkansas provides the perfect environment for equestrian living. The state's open spaces and mild climate are ideal for breeding, training, and riding horses. Secure a horse property in Arkansas and enjoy access to numerous trails, riding events, and a supportive equestrian community. Whether you're looking to start a breeding operation or simply enjoy the equestrian lifestyle, Arkansas offers everything you need.

Hunting and Outdoor Adventures

Arkansas is a hunter's paradise, with abundant wildlife and diverse hunting opportunities. From deer and turkey to waterfowl and small game, the state's forests and wetlands provide excellent hunting grounds. Invest in a hunting property in Arkansas and enjoy endless days of outdoor adventure. The state's commitment to wildlife conservation ensures that hunting opportunities remain plentiful and sustainable, making it a perfect destination for both novice and experienced hunters.

Livestock Farming and Sustainable Practices

Arkansas' agricultural sector extends to a variety of livestock farming opportunities. The state's fertile land and favorable climate support the raising of cattle, sheep, goats, and more. Invest in livestock farming in Arkansas and benefit from the state's strong agricultural support network and markets. Embrace sustainable farming practices and contribute to the production of high-quality, locally-sourced meat and dairy products.

Mineral Rights and Natural Resources

Arkansas' rich geology offers significant opportunities for mineral extraction and mining. The state is home to valuable mineral deposits, including quartz, diamonds, and bauxite. Secure a property with mineral rights in Arkansas and tap into these natural resources. The state's mining industry provides both economic benefits and opportunities for exploration and discovery, making it an exciting investment option.

Mobile Home Parks and Affordable Living

Arkansas' affordable land and supportive regulations make it an ideal location for mobile home parks and affordable housing developments. Invest in a mobile home park in Arkansas and provide quality, affordable housing for residents. With access to essential amenities and a strong demand for affordable living options, mobile home parks in Arkansas can be a profitable and socially responsible investment.

Mountain Living and Scenic Views

Arkansas' mountainous regions offer stunning scenery and a peaceful lifestyle. Invest in a mountain property and enjoy breathtaking views, fresh air, and a connection to nature. Whether you're looking to build a vacation home, a retirement retreat, or a permanent residence, Arkansas' mountains provide the perfect backdrop for a serene and fulfilling life.

Neighborhood Development and Community Building

Arkansas is an ideal location for neighborhood development and community building. The state's friendly residents, quality schools, and safe communities make it an attractive place to live. Invest in neighborhood development in Arkansas and create a thriving community where families can grow and prosper. With access to recreational facilities, healthcare, and cultural activities, Arkansas neighborhoods offer a high quality of life.

Office Spaces and Business Opportunities

Arkansas' growing economy and business-friendly environment make it a prime location for office spaces and commercial development. Secure a property for office space in Arkansas and benefit from the state's supportive business policies and skilled workforce. Whether you're looking to establish a corporate headquarters, a tech startup, or a professional services firm, Arkansas provides the infrastructure and resources needed for success.

Pasture Land and Livestock Grazing

Arkansas' fertile pastures are perfect for livestock grazing and hay production. Invest in pasture land in Arkansas and take advantage of the state's favorable climate and agricultural support services. Whether you're raising cattle, sheep, or other livestock, Arkansas' pastures provide the ideal conditions for healthy and productive animals.

Plantation Land and Agricultural Heritage

Arkansas' rich agricultural heritage includes a tradition of plantation farming. Secure a piece of plantation land and embrace the state's history of large-scale farming and crop production. Whether you're interested in growing cotton, rice, or other staple crops, Arkansas' plantation lands offer fertile soil and a supportive agricultural community.

Nature Preserves and Conservation Efforts

Arkansas' commitment to conservation and natural preservation makes it an ideal location for nature preserves. Invest in a nature preserve and contribute to the protection of the state's diverse ecosystems and wildlife. Arkansas' nature preserves provide opportunities for eco-tourism, educational programs, and research, making it a rewarding investment for those passionate about the environment.

Ranching and Rural Living

Arkansas' vast open spaces are perfect for ranching and rural living. Invest in a ranch property and enjoy the freedom and tranquility of country life. Whether you're raising cattle, horses, or simply enjoying the wide-open spaces, Arkansas offers the ideal environment for ranching. With access to agricultural support services and a strong local market, your ranch can thrive in Arkansas.

Recreational Properties and Outdoor Fun

Arkansas' diverse landscapes provide endless opportunities for outdoor recreation. Invest in a recreational property and enjoy activities like hiking, fishing, hunting, and camping. Whether you're looking for a weekend getaway or a permanent residence, Arkansas' recreational properties offer the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Residential Development and Quality Living

Arkansas offers numerous opportunities for residential development, from single-family homes to large housing communities. Invest in residential land in Arkansas and create a thriving community with access to quality schools, healthcare, and recreational facilities. With affordable land prices and a supportive regulatory environment, Arkansas is an ideal place to develop residential properties.

Resort Development and Tourism

Arkansas' natural beauty and diverse attractions make it a prime location for resort development. Invest in a resort property and take advantage of the state's growing tourism industry. Whether you're building a luxury spa, a family-friendly resort, or an eco-tourism destination, Arkansas provides the perfect setting for a successful resort business.

Restaurant Development and Culinary Excellence

Arkansas' vibrant food scene and growing economy make it an ideal location for restaurant development. Invest in a restaurant property and bring your culinary vision to life in a state known for its hospitality and rich culinary traditions. Whether you're opening a fine dining establishment, a casual eatery, or a unique food experience, Arkansas offers a supportive environment for restaurant success.

Retail Spaces and Commercial Growth

Arkansas' growing population and economy create a strong demand for retail spaces. Invest in a retail property and take advantage of the state's thriving commercial sector. Whether you're opening a boutique, a grocery store, or a shopping center, Arkansas provides the perfect market for retail success.

RV Parks 

Arkansas' natural beauty and diverse attractions make it a popular destination for RV travelers. Invest in an RV park and provide quality accommodations for tourists exploring the Natural State. With access to scenic routes, state parks, and recreational activities,

Arkansas is not just a place to live; it’s a place to thrive. With its diverse landscapes, strong sense of community, and endless opportunities for recreation and relaxation, it’s a state that promises a life of fulfillment and joy. Whether you’re looking to start a new chapter or find a peaceful retreat, Arkansas welcomes you with open arms. Come and discover why so many have chosen to call this beautiful state home. Come home to Arkansas, where every moment is a harvest of happiness and a testament to the enduring spirit of the land. Your dream property awaits – seize the opportunity to make it yours!


Cash Sale: $ 2,000

Seller Finance: 

First Option: $1 in down payment and $145 for 29 months. 

Second Option: $1 in down payment and $ 150 for 26 months.

Third Option: $1 in down payment and $200 for 19 months. 

Assessor’s Parcel Number: 800-09445-000

Size : 0.24 acres

Nearby Cities: 

158 miles to Memphis, TN

138 miles to Little Rock, AR

155 miles to Springfield, MO

248 miles to Saint Louis, MO

Property Location: Horseshoe Bend, Izard County. Arkansas

GPS Coordinates( Approximat): 36.242446, -91.765742 ( Centre coordinates)

36.2425, -91.7655 ,  36.2426, -91.7659 , 36.2425, -91.7659 , 36.2425, -91.766 ,  36.2424, -91.7655 ,  36.2423, -91.766

GPS Coordinates (approx.): Please note that the GPS coordinates are approximate. They come from public assessor GIS data and are fairly accurate, but to find the exact boundaries of the property, it is best to hire a local surveyor.

Power: In the area – North Arkansas Electric Co-op (870)-670-4361

Water: Well or Alternative (870)-670-5885

Sewer: Septic or Alternative (Water/Sanitation (870)-670-5433)

Zoning and Planning (870)-670-5433

Roads Access: Paved

Terrain: Flat

Annual Tax: $160.4 

Time to Build: No Limit

HOA/POA Fees: None

Title Conveyance: Special Warranty Deed.

Doc Fee: $300.00



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